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In Memory Of Robert John Flynn

A successful broker must be keenly perceptive to the evolving nature of the maritime industry. The day-to-day market, contract negotiation, financing and project development have become vastly more sophisticated. Innovation in communication and analysis has accelerated the speed with which information is distributed and transactions are concluded. The size of deals has grown as well, sometimes into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The broker of today and tomorrow, personified at MJLF, can be described by the following characteristics:
A Specialist
Most effective when interwoven with other specialists to form a strong, full service organization.
Absolutely Ethical and Confidential
Nothing lends more strength to the union of client and broker than the confidence inspired by professionalism.
An Education Specific to the Practice
MJLF's personnel have degrees in engineering, finance, law, and management from maritime colleges and other universities, including MBA's, while others have earned Senior Merchant Mariners Licenses.
Aggressive and Tenacious
Sometimes mere minutes can separate success from failure. A broker must have the necessary experience, boldness and technological support systems to make decisions quickly and decisively.
Knows the Client
Only when a broker understands the client's goals, guidelines and business can one render an effective service. MJLF brokers devote significant amounts of time getting to know their clients and helping them to understand MJLF's own capabilities.
Always on Call
International clients need to have twenty-four hour access to their brokers. MJLF brokers provide their clients with personal telephone and fax numbers.
Earns the Fee
The modern broker must add real value to every deal.
Committed to Excellence
One consistent observation expressed by our clients is MJLF's desire to be the best; to constructively participate in the significant deals available to the industry.
Information Brokers
MJLF brokers can identify trends and opportunities in time to benefit our clients. "Information brokers" must demonstrate the analytical ability to sift through all the data and make use of the conclusions.
TEAM SPLICE: the MJLF method of bringing diverse disciplines together in support of our clients; to join together, or unite, by interweaving several individuals, each strong in a special area; a strength greater than the sum of its parts.
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